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If you’ve got a small to mid-sized commercial fleet, RLI Safety Solutions has the strategies you need to strengthen your fleet. We can help you proactively improve driver safety, prepare for DOT compliance reviews and manage the overall risk that comes with having company vehicles on the road.

With a wealth of transportation safety and risk management experience, our consultants have the expertise and resources your business needs. Each of our safety and compliance specialists has an extensive transportation background, giving you the perspectives that your organization’s unique situation needs to thrive in today’s economic and regulatory environment. Our team helps you build a program specifically designed around your needs.

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Here’s what you can expect when you work with RLI Safety Solutions:
Our experts will review your Department of Transportation required records and practices and make recommendations for improvement. We also provide hands-on safety training and guidance (note: we do not provide proposed safety fitness ratings.)
Our skilled consultants will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your existing driver orientation program, including trainer skills, training material usefulness/relevance and how well the program adheres to adult learning foundations.
Do you know which fleets or terminals are your top performers? After our review of overall compliance, driver training, driver safety practices and adherence to company policy, there will be no question where your strongest team resides.
Need guidance, training or meetings on a weekend or RLI-recognized holiday? If you’re an RLI Transportation policyholder, you’re in luck. An RLI loss control representative will be available to assist you.
Communication and monitoring are critical for keeping your fleet moving in the right direction. We offer specialized assistance in developing formal, targeted strategies for your telematics and camera use for maximum impact.
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